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Actions to promote entrepreneurship of start-ups in the Municipality of Piraeus

Start-ups and start-ups wishing to exploit a new idea will be selected following an assessment in order to be provided with specialised entrepreneurship services.These services will be provided in regular cycles throughout the year and will include: - Diagnosis of their needs for support. - A comprehensive basic support package targeted at all participants in each cycle, including in-depth information on specific entrepreneurship issues. - Provision of personalised advice (mentoring and coaching), based on the results of their needs diagnosis, from which they will be able to choose the services they will receive. Indicative examples include: market analysis, extroversion study, support in the preparation of an investment plan, marketing plan, pricing policy, communication policy, etc. - Liaison with potential financiers/financial institutions and support for the required actions, leveraging potential financial resources (funds, banks, crowd funding, financial instruments, other forms of capital/investment support) - Support in the negotiation process with potential financiers and in the preparation of documented proposals.

Who it is addressed to
Municipality of Piraeus

Submission period
from 20/3/2019 to 31/12/2022

Area of application
Region of Attica

€ 4.000.000

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