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Supporting the incubation of new businesses in RIS sectors by exploiting closed shops in the centre of Athens (commercial triangle) - 2nd Call

The services of the mechanism will be provided horizontally and free of charge to all businesses interested in operating in the intervention area of the action, following calls for expressions of interest, and will concern:

  • A needs assessment by business sector and a self-assessment tool.
  • Awareness-raising among enterprises to create a minimum level of quality in the provision of business services.
  • Creation of a set of quality criteria (indicatively, a set of quality criteria per sector will be prepared).
  • Online and distance personalised training of beneficiaries on how to fulfil the criteria.
  • Certification of the enterprise (indicatively indicated to be carried out for at least 40 enterprises).

Who is targeted

  • Municipality of Athens
  • Athens Development & Tourism Promotion Company Anaptixaki SA OTA

Submission period
From 7/12/2021 to 31/12/2022

In cases of documents for which electronic submission is not technically feasible (e.g. maps, plans, etc.), the beneficiary is obliged to send them to ATHENS DEVELOPMENT AND TOURIST PROMOTION ATHENS ANAPTYXIAKI S.A. OTA at 7 Xenofontos, ATHENS 105 52, within 10 working days from the date of electronic submission of the proposal by the Beneficiary.

Area of application
Region of Attica

€ 2.843.000

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