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Digital media tools

Addressed to: Businesses
Addressed Specifically to:

The program supports SMEs through the provision of vouchers to be used for the acquisition, through purchase or lease, of new digital tools

The object/objective of the Action is:

  • The modernisation of the productive, commercial and administrative functioning of enterprises
  • The upgrading of the way of communication and cooperation and the introduction of new forms of hybrid workplace
  • The digitalisation of electronic transactions with customers and partners, including e-commerce
  • Increasing the level of security and trust in electronic transactions

Beneficiary businesses

An business eligible for aid under the program is a business belonging to the agri-food, health-pharmaceuticals, information and communication technology, energy, environment and sustainable development, transport, materials-construction, tourism, culture, creative industries, manufacturing activity. Annex II to the Call for proposals

Conditions for participation :

a)  Operating in the Greek territory with a Greek VAT number

b) The business must be active at the date of submission of the application for participation in the Programme

c) The business must have been established/incorporated before 1/1/2022

d) The enterprise must be engaged in an eligible activity.

For the purposes of the Programme, this is understood to be any economic activity carried out on the free market, except for those that are recorded as ineligible for aid under Regulation 1407/2013 (de minimis), and also in the event that an enterprise is active in more than one ZIP code, the ZIP code of the Main Activity is taken into account for the assessment of eligibility at the time of submission of the application.

(e) during the period 1/1/2021-31/12/2021 they provided employment in terms of dependent work, which expressed in terms of Annual Work Units (AWUs) adds up to between 0,01 and 250,00 AWUs of dependent work. Depending on the amount of the AWUs, potential beneficiaries are classified into distinct categories and sub-categories, as provided for in paragraph 2.2 of the notice.

In the case of enterprises established after 1/1/2021, the calculation of the FTEs will be based on a 12-month period for the Programme.

f) Operate legally and comply with relevant EU and national environmental legislation

g) They are a legal entity (incorporated company, limited liability company, limited liability company, partnership, limited liability company, limited liability company, social cooperative enterprise, cooperative) or sole proprietorship, and they keep simple or double-entry books

h) are not bankrupt

i) there are no pending State aid recovery proceedings against the enterprise

j) The total amount of de minimis aid received does not exceed the total amount of aid received as a single enterprise, as defined in Article 2(2)(a) of the EEA Agreement 2 of Regulation 1407/2013, including aid from this programme, not exceeding €200,000 (or €100,000 for the road freight transport sector) in a three-year period (current financial year and the two preceding financial years) prior to the time of the legal entitlement to the aid.

k)  There are no grounds for exclusion under Article 40 of Law No. 4488/2017 (Α137/13.9.2017)

Type of aid: Grant/Subsidy
What is aided:

The nominal value of the vouchers is determined depending on the size of the company as the number of employees in terms of One Year Work Units (UWU) and ranges from 900€ to 18.000€.

The program subsidises through the vouchers the supply of digital products and services and related ancillary services.

In particular, the subsidised solution is the appropriate product/service mix:

(a) one or more digital products/services and in particular standard commercial products already circulating in the Greek and/or international market, available for sale (perpetual licensing) or provided in the form of a subscription service (as a service), and

(b) related ancillary services, which are invoiced and paid for as a whole in one transaction and are partially subsidised through public funding (coupon redemption),

The product/service mix aims at:

improving the operation of businesses,
cooperation, productivity and facilitating remote working,
strengthening e-commerce; and
promoting security and trust
See. Chap. 5 of the Call for proposals

Total Budget: €180.000.000,00
Budget of the Fund: €,00

Opening date for applications: 22/06/2022
Closing date for applications: 14/09/2022

Geographical Area: all of Greece
Submission of applications: online submission of applications at the Electronic Aid Management Platform (EAPM)

Pillar: 2. Digital Transition
Axis: 2.3 Digital transformation of enterprises
Action: 2.2.20 10706 Digital transformation of SMEs

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