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Interventions for the exploitation - protection of the natural environment for the enhancement of tourism in Arcadia

Projects concerning the improvement of accessibility and the enhancement of the natural environment, as well as projects/actions supporting green tourism and ecotourism. Indicatively: Management measures to improve and ensure the good conservation status of habitats, ecotourism/green tourism projects such as routes - paths (improvement, cleaning, restoration and signage projects), soft configurations of stops and viewing points e.g. kiosks, benches, information signs etc.), integrated interventions to address potential problems (soil, surface water restoration from pollution), sediment management projects etc.

Who it is aimed at
Municipality of Gortynia

Submission period
from 2/6/2022 to 2/8/2022

Area of application
Region of Peloponnese

Municipality of Gortynia

Terms and conditions
The Technical File of the Action (TDF), constitutes the proposal of the Beneficiary and is completed exclusively in ... 

€ 550.000

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