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Open and horizontal digital services and ICT applications for businesses in South Attica

The services provided will be offered electronically and remotely, using a digital platform, offering the possibility to the businesses of South Attica, without financial or other compensation, for the following:

  • Supporting businesses (new or existing) for the production, supply and use of in-house technological solutions. The opportunity will be given through teleconferencing or digital collaborative tools to discuss issues related to, among others, digital signatures and their benefits for the business, business transactions and ICT, ways to reduce administrative costs through the introduction of IT systems and technologies, etc.
  • Supporting the uptake of ICT by enterprises - exploiting good practices at national and European/international level. Good practice guides and key steps for the digital transformation of enterprises will be created and posted on the project platform.
  • Access to a digital library with appropriate digitised material on ICT issues, videos, articles, articles, research, studies, virtual labs, for the digital adaptation of employees and enterprises based on emerging technologies (Industry 4.0)
  • Access to e-learning courses on the application and use of ICT in business (examples from specific industries and sectors, etc.)
  • Information, presentation and demonstration of tools and commercial or open platforms that can be used by all businesses on e-commerce issues (e.g. e-commerce development, B2B and B2C business models, etc.)

Who it is aimed at

  • Directorate of Technical Projects & Development Programmes of Syndna - Department of Planning & Development

Submission period
from 17/5/2021 to 30/12/2022

In cases of documents for which electronic attachment/submission is not technically feasible (e.g. maps, drawings, etc.), the Beneficiary is obliged to send them to the ASSOCIATION OF MUNICIPALITIES OF SOUTH ATTICA - DIRECTORATE OF INTERIM MANAGEMENT FUND, at the address WATER SPORT FACILITIES OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF KALLITHEA (BUILDING A220), KALLITHEA 176 03 within 10 working days from the date of electronic submission of the proposal by the Beneficiary.

Area of application
Region of Attica

Terms and conditions
The following documents are an integral part of the proposal, which must accompany the ... 

€ 381.000

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