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Pre-publication of the "Green Transition SME Action Plan"

The State Aid Package "GREEN TRANSITION of SMEs" of the Competitiveness Programme (NSRF 2021 - 2027) with a total budget of €700,000,000 aims to upgrade the country's SMEs.

It encourages investment projects that aim to exploit and develop modern technologies, to upgrade the products and/or services produced and their activities in general, by giving a premium to actions that exploit modern technologies, infrastructure and best practices in energy upgrading, circular economy and the adoption of clean energy sources.

Eligible costs of the Actions include inter alia: buildings, facilities and surrounding area, machinery - equipment, product certification, marketing costs, as well as costs for improving energy efficiency and energy saving.

Each individual Action covers investment projects of different amounts.


The following categories of expenditure will be subsidised under the scheme.

  • Premises and surroundings. The total expenditure will mainly concern green expenditure to improve the energy efficiency of the building infrastructure and building facilities.
  • Purchase of new simple and GREEN production equipment which is energy efficient.
  • Purchase of equipment that improves energy efficiency and contributes to energy saving and environmental protection. This category is expected to include expenditure on photovoltaic systems, own consumption and not net metering.
  • Equipment for packaging, labelling and branding.
  • Expenditure on certification of products, services and processes
  • Expenditure on digital promotion of the company
  • It will subsidise costs for hiring new additional staff, consultancy costs, purchase of pure electric or HUBRID transport, and business participation in trade fairs.

Who is targeted

The scheme is aimed at SMEs that must meet the following conditions (indicative):

- SME status.

- Legal status.

- The SME must be a legal entity and must have a legal status.

- At least 2 FTE (annual work units) in the year preceding the submission of the application for funding.

- At least 1 full financial year of operation.

- Other individual standard GFCF or De-MINIMIS conditions.

Data from
Total budget: €700 million.
Action 1 budget: €350 million.
Action 2 budget: €350 million.
Eligible budget of an Action 1 investment project: €200.001 up to €1 million.
Subsidised budget of an Action 2 investment project: €30 thousand up to €200 thousand.

The programme will remain open until its budget is exhausted.

Proposals will be evaluated and approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

The duration of the projects will be 24 months after

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