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Subsidies for existing businesses affected by the pandemic in areas affected by major natural disasters

The grant provided by the Action will help to ensure part of the liquidity required for the restart of local economic activities, as well as to ensure the continuation of the operation of businesses, indirectly supporting the preservation of jobs.

For each enterprise (distinct VAT number), the sum of the amounts in fields 581 (Employee benefits), 585 (Miscellaneous operating expenses) and 587 (Depreciation) of the 2019 E3 tax form is taken into account for the calculation of the proportional public funding as a lump sum. A horizontal percentage of 50% is applied to the above determined sum, which is the amount of the total declared expenses.

The payment of the grant will be allocated under the Regulation (EU) 1407/18.12.2013 of the European Commission, de minimis aid (De Minimis), as applicable and will be implemented on the basis of the approved Detailed Call for Action.

To whom it is addressed
Enterprises, irrespective of their legal form, legally operating and active in the areas affected by natural disasters.

Submission period
from 13/5/2022 to 31/8/2022 (15:00)

The funding application must be submitted electronically to the State Aid Information System (SAIS) Funding applications will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the date of electronic submission to the SAIS.

Type of aid

Area of application
Region of Thessaly

Region of Crete

Region of Sterea Ellada

  • Municipality of Mantoudiou-Limni-Agia Anna (Prefecture of Evia)
  • Municipality of Istiaiaia-Aidipsou (Prefecture of Evia)
  • Municipal Unit of Arkalochori in the Municipality of Minoa-Pediados (Prefecture of Heraklion)
  • Municipal District of Damasio in the Municipality of Tirnavos (Prefecture of Larissa)
  • Municipal District of Messochori in the Municipality of Elassona (Prefecture of Larissa)

Terms and conditions

  • The beneficiaries of the action must, inter alia, meet the following conditions. 

What is funded

  • Indicative operating costs: rent of business premises, energy costs, fixed and mobile business telephony, water supply, heating, etc., expenditure on third-party fees (legal, consultancy, accounting support, etc.), promotion and networking costs (design and printing of advertising brochures, posters, advertising entries, costs of participation in professional exhibitions, corporate website/creation and/or upgrading, etc.), expenditure on the supply of consumables, depreciation of fixed equipment (tangible and intangible), salary costs of the company's staff, salary costs of the company's staff.

€ 26.000.000

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