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Start-ups and start-ups wishing to exploit a new idea will be selected following an assessment in order to be provided with specialised entrepreneurship services.These services will be provided in regular cycles throughout the year and will include: - Diagnosis of their needs for support. - A comprehensive basic support package targeted at all participants in each cycle, including in-depth information on specific entrepreneurship issues. - Provision of personalised advice (mentoring and coaching), based on the results of their needs diagnosis, from which they will be able to choose the services they will receive. Indicative examples include: market analysis, extroversion study, …


The services provided will be offered electronically and remotely, using a digital platform, offering the possibility to the businesses of South Attica, without financial or other compensation, for the following:

  • Supporting businesses (new or existing) for the production, supply and use of in-house technological solutions. The opportunity will be given through teleconferencing or digital collaborative tools to discuss issues related to, among others, digital signatures and their benefits for the business, business transactions and ICT, ways to reduce administrative costs through the introduction of IT systems and technologies, etc.
  • Supporting the uptake of ICT by enterprises - exploiting good practices …


Digital preservation of the documents of ERT's archive, with the aim of expanding the extroversion of its digital audiovisual archive, as well as enriching its available digital cultural heritage, through the preservation, retrieval, documentation and digitization of a large part of its archive. Under the action, ERT will be able to:

  • digitise collections in its possession to a high standard
  • document the material which it holds in its possession to a high standard.
  • provide a structure for indexing - cataloguing, storage and disposal of the digital collection
  • create digital applications through which all the digitised material can be consulted and …


Implementation of digital solutions including smart urban mobility and parking management, energy efficiency, sustainable housing solutions, digital municipal services provided through the Single Digital Public Portal and citizen-centric governance, as well as ensuring citizens' trust in these systems through the responsible use of data on digital platforms and ensuring quality, security and confidentiality.

Who it is aimed at
First-tier local authorities with a population of less than 100 000 inhabitants (315 municipalities in Annex A), and legal entities of the 315 municipalities in Annex A

Submission period
from 1/7/2022 to 31/10/2022

In cases of documents for which electronic attachment/submission …


Provision of technical support services to the General Secretariat for Digital Policy (GGPSP) for the preparation of detailed technical specifications and a roadmap for the development of smart applications (Smart Cities). In particular, it is planned to design (indicatively) detailed technical specifications for applications - actions such as energy saving through smart street lighting, smart waste management, smart water management.

Who it is addressed to:
NSRF Executive Structure of the Technology, Information Technology and Communications Sector

Submission period:
from 2/4/2018 until budget exhaustion

The applicant beneficiary shall submit its proposal and the required supporting documents and supporting documentation exclusively through …


Addressed to: Citizens
Addressed Specifically to: Unemployed persons registered in the Unemployment Register of the D.Y.I.A. over 18 years old

Skills upgrading and retraining programmes for up to 80,000 unemployed beneficiaries in high demand sectors, with emphasis on digital and green skills, through face-to-face training and tele-training on theoretical training programmes of a total duration of 50 to 200 hours.

Objectives of Action:

The qualitative upgrading of the knowledge and skills of the unemployed through continuing vocational training programmes that respond to the needs of the economy, in order to enhance their employability and accelerate their reintegration into employment.

Beneficiaries: …


Support to the EOD of the OP of the Region of Attica in actions related to the fulfillment of the publicity obligations arising from the Publicity Plan (e.g. information to beneficiaries and public opinion, website content, newsletters, targeted publicity actions, dissemination of good practices, etc.). Specification of communication strategies and preparation of a publicity action plan.

Who it is addressed to
Unit C' of the Special Service for the Management of OPs of the Region of Attica 

Submission period
from 5/7/2017 until budget exhaustion

The candidate Beneficiary shall submit its proposal and the required supporting documents and supporting documents exclusively …

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Addressed to: Businesses
Addressed Specifically to: Micro, small, medium and large enterprises Existing and Under-established

The programme provides:

(a) aid for the processing and marketing of an agricultural product (this concerns any operation on an agricultural product which also results in an agricultural product, with the exception of operations on the agricultural holding necessary for the preparation of a product of animal or plant origin for the first sale)

(b) aid for the processing and marketing of a non-agricultural product (this concerns any operation on an agricultural product, as an input to the production process, which results in …


Addressed to: Businesses
Specifically Addressed to: Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the information and communication sector

The Digital Product and Service Development Program supports investment projects for the development of new products and services in the information and communication sector.It will provide aid, in the form of grants, for the implementation of investment projects covering the entire cycle of digital product and service development (new product development) and including:

Preparatory activities (including but not limited to: market research, feasibility study, actions to acquire new knowledge and skills for the development of new products),
Activities to develop the new digital …


Addressed to: Businesses
Addressed Specifically to:

The action "Economic transformation of the agricultural sector" (ID 16626) aims to increase the added value of agricultural products, promote innovation and protect the environment. In addition, it aims to create food supply chains by exploiting tourism, to develop innovative and environmentally friendly mass production processes and to promote extroversion on international markets.


Beneficiaries may be legal persons belonging either to SMEs or to large enterprises, subject to the specific provisions of the applicable specific article of the GATS and of Reg. 702/2014, who keep simple and/or double-entry books, are entered in the …

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