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Addressed to: Businesses
Specifically Addressed to: Small Businesses

The program supports SMEs operating in the Greek territory to adopt modern digital tools that support the invoicing, tax document handling and electronic payment processes.

Through the Programme, participating companies can be supported by the provision of vouchers for the purchase of digital tools, in order to implement one or more of the following categories of actions

  • Category 1: EFT/POS replacement
  • Category 2: Invoicing on the vehicle/transport of documents on the move
  • Category 3: Receipt of electronic invoicing provider services
  • Category 4: Upgrading of FTM & ADHME for interface with EFT/POS
  • Category …


Addressed to : Businesses
Addressed Specifically to: 

Existing and start-up SMEs and large enterprises A) Existing Legal Entities (SMEs and Large Enterprises) B) Under-established Legal Entities completing the incorporation procedures prior to the adoption of the individual decision approving the inclusion in the Sub-project. Natural persons and sole proprietorships are not eligible. The enterprises described above

The programme supports investment projects in the tourism sector which link the primary and secondary sectors with the tertiary sector, creating a new tourism product.

The aim is to increase the competitiveness and awareness of the products on the markets by placing them at …


Addressed to: Businesses
Addressed Specifically to: Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the eligible SGEIs of this Call.


Investment projects of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of the Greek industrial ecosystem are supported to strengthen their technological infrastructure and upgrade their manufacturing equipment using smart cutting-edge technologies with low environmental impact.

Investment projects should aim at improving the resilience of the business through the upgrading of digital management and control systems for production, the supply of advanced and digitally controlled industrial equipment, the digitalisation of interconnection systems throughout the supply chain and the production of systems and technology …


Strengthening the entrepreneurship and liquidity of start-ups/innovative SMEs (operating in Smart Specialisation-RIS3 sectors) of the National Registry of Start-ups "Elevate Greece", under the adverse conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, which was exacerbated by the prolonged outbreak of the disease in the affected CDCs. The aid will take the form of a non-repayable grant (working capital) to ensure that the businesses remain viable and that no jobs are lost.

Who is targeted
Innovative start-up SMEs that are registered in the National Register of Start-ups/Elevate Greece, 

Submission period
from 22/6/2022 to 31/10/2022 (15:00)

The application for funding is to be …


The fourth quarter of 2017 is the estimated date of issue of the call for the action "Exploitation of Business Experience - Business Restart" which concerns the establishment of new businesses by unemployed people over 45 years old.


The Action "Exploitation of Business Experience - Business Restart" concerns the creation of new businesses by unemployed people over 45 years old. In particular, it provides a framework of new business opportunities for unemployed people who have previously developed an entrepreneurial activity or have significant professional experience to do so, contributing to their reintegration into the labour market as well as …


The action concerns the strengthening of new and existing Cooperative Formations (CUs) active in the 9 priority areas of the ERANEK

  • agri-food/food industry,
  • energy,
  • environment,
  • information and communication technologies (ICT),
  • Logistics,
  • health,
  • materials-construction,
  • cultural industries,
  • tourism


 1) The members of the SA are:

a) domestic and foreign SMEs with manufacturing, trading and service codes, not excluding large enterprises

(b) innovation support bodies (universities, research centres)

(c) business support organisations (incubators, technology parks, business park management bodies, etc.)

(d) financial institutions

(e) other economic operators, provided that the added value of their …

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